Raptor Squad:Imperials

Darth Menace

Very little is known about Darth Menace's past. It is known that he was trained as a Jedi before becoming a loyal servant to the Emporer, and carried out his duties with a cold pleasure only seen in the most evil of beings. His position among the High Inquisitors was unmatched in the Empire and he prowled the outer rim territories using a calm demeanor and unwavering confidence to break those who fell into his grasp.
Menace is tall and slender, favoring black and red robes that match his darkened heart. Half of his face and right arm have cybernetic enhancements, the result of a lost lightsaber duel early in his career. He has chosen metal pattern cybernetics for the replacements to inject added unrest into those that come under his glowing red gaze. He is unnervingly polite and cultured, which adds to the endless arsenal of resources he uses to break the wills of even the strongest of beings.

Nomi Darkmoon

Born on Xanath IV, Darkmoon was taken from her parents by High Inquisitor Tremayne at an early age. Using the latest in Imperial technology, Tremayne altered her memory and changed her name to Darkmoon and, it is rumored, began training her in the dark ways of the force.

According to intelligence sources, at the age of 18, some of her memories returned and she recalled that she also had a brother who possessed a special gift. From that point on she utilized every resource to find him. Speculation suggests she intended for her sibling to assist her in overthrowing Tremayne and assuming his dominance in the Outer Rim.

Recent reports indicate she encountered Raptor Squad on a planet called Farzhu and the result was her near death. After medical attention she disappeared and has yet to resurface.

I would also like to point out that recent reports filed with your office naming Klux Martin, of Raptor Squad, is her sibling have yet to prove factual. In this officers estimation, the similarities of their home planet is mere coincidence.

For more information please see NR file #NRID10250.

Anjhai Rahmma

A member of the felinoid species Srros' tok, Anjhai is bipedal with a short golden pelt. The Srros' tok are an honor bound species, and through a series of tricks that Anjhai's tribe refuses to elaborate on, High Inquisitor Tremayne gained a life debt from Anjhai and enslaved him.
Reports from Imperial Deep Cover Agent "Nexus Blue" indicate that it was after Ahnjai began his service to Tremayne that his force sensitivity was discovered and he was twisted into a mindless servant of the darkside by the High Inquisitor.
According to Raptor Squads debriefing, during the battle of Farzhul, Anjhai was overcome by a fit of rage and lashed out with the darkside in an attempt to kill Raptor Squad member Balthazar. It was at that point that team member Palisades stepped in and blasted the distracted dark Jedi.

For more information please see NR file #NRID031599.

Captain Nock'Nord

Captain Nock'nord is militarily efficient in the strictest sense. The Empire seems a fitting home for such a dedicated officer and in his mind they made a very complimentary team. He accepts no failure and is merciless to those that do fail him. Reports indicate Nock'nord isn't happy with being under Tremayne's command, but being a consummate Imperial officer, he will follow any orders without question.

An honorable officer, Nock'nord serves the Empire and would gladly give his life and the lives of his men in it's service. It is this fanatical outlook that has propelled him to his current position. It was also this obsession that led he and his crew into a direct confrontation with Raptor Squad over the planet Greymoor, a confrontation that saw elements of the team captured and sentenced to prison. It is important to note that, to date, Captain Nock'nord is the only Imperial that has managed to successfully capture any element of Raptor Squad.

Darth Necros

A former mercenary, this Echani warrior was sought out by Tremayne and deceived into believing that Klux Martin and Baal Cocaroth of Raptor Squad slaughtered his wife and child. Tremayne offered to mentor, equip and train him, enhancing his Force abilities and make an already lethal warrior absolutely deadly. He now prowls the galaxy tracking down this group so he can exact his revenge on the Jedi.

Ventral Warriors

Little is known about the Ventral Warriors, despite exhaustive efforts to uncover any information regarding recruitment or training. According to Raptor Squad debriefings, these sinister soldiers serve High Inquisitor Tremayne and his band of dark Jedi without question. Cursed with being trapped in armor, that, if removed would kill them, they seek out and eliminate all who stand in their way. While the armor is literally a prison, it is also highly effective and durable, withstanding even the most powerful handheld energy weapons.
Several units were encountered on the planet Pleestab by Raptor Squad, and, after "questionable" interrogation methods by the team, it was learned that these soldiers were created for the sole purpose of eradicating all remaining Jedi.