Croto the Crusher

A licensed bounty hunter, Croto pursued Raptor Squad team member and childhood friend Ket Adkins across the farthest reaches of the galaxy, finally catching up with the gunslinger on the frozen landscape of Graymoore.

Afterwards, he learned that when you work with the Imperials, you should always expect a double-cross. While Croto was paid for the bounty by the Imperials, he was robbed of revenge when Captain Nock´┐ŻNord refused to turn Adkins back over to him

A short time later, Croto met a rather grisly fate at the hands of the angered Adkins, when the Ex-Raptor Squad member tracked down the Rodian and decapitated him, sending his head to Raptor Squad as a grisly calling card.

Blue Nova Mercenaries

This is a standard mercenary organization established to lend extra muscle where needed to the client with the larger bank account. Blue Nova Mercenaries are a paramilitary organization that shoots first and doesn't bother with the questions. Employed by everyone from Akelish the Hutt to legitimate corporations in need of security, what the mercenaries lack in skill they make up for in pure numbers and brutality.

Kick Farlander

A former Imperial Captain, Farlander grew disgusted of the bureaucratic red tape and hoops one needed to jump through to get things done. Finally, the man, one of a long line of military men dating back thousands of years, grew so tired of the failings of the Empire that he resigned and opened his own freight business.