Akelish the Hutt

The organization headed by Akelish the Hutt is vast and resourceful, its tendrils of influence reaching across several systems and influencing countless beings. Our intelligence has been able to uncover no fewer than three front companies Akelish uses to perpetuate her criminal dealings and strengthen her position in the Celanon Sector.

Operating out of Valex III, Akelish is as disturbed a Hutt as I have ever come across. Not simply content to wallow in the profits from her various criminal dealings, Akelish also takes grim satisfaction in skinning her adversaries. Rumors suggest she has quite a collection of Wookiee pelts in her drawing room.

Raptor Squad's connection to Akelish is worth mentioning. Vic Palisades worked for her briefly before joining the team, as did Koort Ter'chon. Thankfully both saw the error of this decision and quit before anything unfortunate happened to them, although gaining a death mark by a Hutt is certainly unfortunate enough!

Jaded Ivory Enterprises

A front company owned by Vic Palisades to fund his rebellion activities.


A religious sect of Trianni warriors.

Locti Syndicate

Beginning his life as a small time thief and spice smuggler, Chevin Locti's criminal empire began modestly-on the gentle slopes of Crystal Mountain on the planet Shelvic 9 in the Seloric Sector. Locti invested his pay from a particularly profitable spice deal on a stretch of land that housed the now famous Cryline Trees.

Following up on a rumor he heard during one of his smuggling runs, he hired a group of scientists to tap the trees and analyze the mysterious sap contained within. The rest, of course, is history. The sap turned out to contain "Euphorxine 37" the base component of the pleasure elixir, "Crystal Wave."

Locti turned the find into a major planetary export, its success surpassing his wildest dreams. But as they say in the underworld, you may take the smuggler out of Nar Shadda but you never take Nar Shadda out of the smuggler. Using Crystal Enterprises as a front, Locti continued his life of crime, eventually falling under the employment of crimelord Ploovo Two-for-One. He now acts as Ploovo's front man on Ord Mantell where he sponsors an annual underground swoop race.

Wroonian Thieves Guild

When compiling the file for this organization, I was unable to acquire any concrete facts or interviews from any of its former employees. While I was always able to locate a lowlife or spice junkie willing to spill the beans on the other organizations you will find here, the rumored "Wroonian Thieves Guild" appears to be such a secret and well guarded organization that just its mention is enough to bring a roll of the eyes and dismissal from even the most seasoned of criminals.
After conferring with a number of reputable sector rangers however, I have come to the conclusion that there is, in fact, some sort of organization operating on and around Wroona that does in fact utilize its indigenous people.
During my recovery I spent many hours simply pouring over petty crime logs from various systems. In several instances noticed an unusual pattern; many of the petty crimes in these systems seemed to be perpetrated by Wroonian children.
Needless to say, I never followed up on this lead, as duty called me back and I was forced to redirect my energy. Nonetheless, I will continue to keep this file open and add to it when the opportunity arises, possilby pulling on Raptor Squad's Khara Doone, should she have any information or leads I might find useful.

Shades of Night

It is with great regret that I admit to having dealt with this organization on a first-hand basis. Without going into detail, I lost someone very close to my tot he Shades of Night. This assassins guild is very real and very ruthless. Using a rogues gallery of assassins from all walks of the galaxy, they are capable of putting a killer in any area in a short amount of time.
Because they value individuality and a variety of skillsets they have a vast store of knowledge to pull from, however, do not make the mistake of believing that the Shades of Night accept just anyone. They are diligent and extremely careful with who they select to be a part of their organization.
As such, when one has a contract put out on them that gets accept by a Shade of NIght, one should, at the very least, buy a weapon and begin putting their affairs in order.