Zal Araf Th'Trar

Zal Araf Th'Trar is a Coynite warrior who befriended Klux Martin and A'sok Thurgood on the planet Xanath IV when his retainer was kidnapped by fringe elements. The two members of Raptor Squad assisted him in rescuing her, thereby gaining the warriors friendship and appreciation.

According to Martin, he accompanied the duo when they quested to find Klux's Jedi Master, Da'Jony, choosing to stay with the older man and explore the mysteries of the "Force".

He resurfaced some time later, when Raptor Squad traveled to Fibuli, where he had been sent by Da'Jony to await the teams arrival.

This being has been instrumental in much of Raptor Squad success and the team keeps him in the highest regard.

Da'Jony Vbrisk

Much of what is known about Da'jony Vbrisk is culled from various debriefings and interviews I had with his student and Raptor Squad team member, Klux Martin. According to Martin, Da'Jony was his Jedi Master and their relationship was much like a father/son.

From a young age he taught Klux the ways of the "Force" guiding him and instructing him on how to harness his ability. In the rare instance when Klux has strayed his course, Da'Jony was always there to guide him and correct him.
According to Martin, Da'jony was struck down and killed by Nomi Darkmoon and Ahnjai Rahmma, High Inquisitor Tremayne's disciples.

Zarius Looms

Another descendent of Vol Kol, the man known simply as "Big Z" by his friends is a jack of many trades. Formerly a heavy weapons specialist for the Fallen Angels unit of the Ivory Brigade, Zarius found himself imprisoned on the planet of Valex 3, a inmate of the notorious Valex Penal Colony, better known as "The Grindhouse."
It is here that Zarius is currently imprisoned, though my sources tell me that this was the reason Vic Palisades joined Akelish the Hutt's criminal organization early on- to gain access to the prison and try to rescue his friend.