Violet Vandal

Little is known about the beautiful and deadly sniper Violet Vandal. This bounty hunter travels in a highly modified scout ship named "The Grim Fandango", painted purple, with several other hunters known as "The GUtter Girls" (no one is sure how they came by this name.
While on Tatooine Raptor Squad met up with Vandal and her band of ruthless hunters. The ensuing battle revealed little other than she was more than willing to utilize every resource to capture, or, if necessary, kill, the team.

Recent intelligence reports indicate the Vandal was pursuing the posted Imperial bounties on both Klux Martin and Balthazar Cochroth.

Field reports point to a level of professional training, leading me to deduce that Vandal was trained as a combat specialist, specifically with the sniper rifle (obviously). No further inquiries have revealed specific training or military organizations she has been affiliated with, unfortunately.


The pilot and mechanic of "The Grim Fandango", but reports indicate Paqrat has been crewing with VIolet Vandal for some time, and the both are nearly inseparable. I could find little else, but some digging and dinner with an old acquaintance in the Markham Sector revealed that while flying and repairing ships are Paqrat's forte', she is handy with a blaster herself.
It is unclear wether her relationship with Vandal is strictly a business arrangement or something more, but the two are rarely seen apart.


The female Farghul known as "Keilara" is a ruthless and violent hunter driven by credits and little more. I managed to track down criminal files tied directly to her, that included everything from extortion to smuggling, and it appears she's finally settled down into being a Bounty Hunter, and doing well for herself.
She's been crewing with Violet Vandal and the other "Gutter Girls" for the past several years, but my contacts tell me there may be unrest among the team- a situation that bears watching.

Akys Varik

Another "Gutter Girl", Varik has been crewing with Vandal for quite a while, and reports indicate she is the more calm and collected of the team. Varik has a record of attending university early in life and graduating with a degree in multi-species psychology and sociology.
How an intelligent and thoughtful being came to be a bounty hunter eludes me, but I've seen stranger things. No one knows what drives a being into this line of work, but often, once you start down this path it is impossible to turn back.

Terminus the Hunter

After sitting down with Raptor Squad and going over the facts of their last encounter with Terminus, I have yet to figure out what exactly happened between the team and the Hunter. LIke so many partnerships however, things can turn sour quickly when an enormous amount of credits are involved, and someone certainly had the credits to spend when they posted a bounty on Terminus.
I'm still investigating this issue however, and will post updates as they become available.

Jaden Sturge

Notable because he reappeared after over a decade of absence from the bounty hunting community, Jaden Sturge was a name that, back in the day, was spoken in dark alleys and back rooms to get a scare out of criminals.
Sporting a ferocious suit of armor and visage, Sturge (in his heyday) was quick, dangerous and feared by many. It appears that time didn't take the edge off, as his reappearance in the galactic community is still sending shockwaves throughout some very nasty circles.

Velena Crislys

Beautiful, seductive and absolutely dangerous, I'm no stranger to Velena Crislys. Without going into much detail, I can say from first hand experience that the reality of this hunter lives up to the reputation. I encountered her a few years back when I was running an operation for the REbellion and one of my assets had a sizable bounty posted on her head.
Apparently Velena had taken the contract and after a series of unfortunate events I was left one team member short and Crislys had several thousand credits added to her bank account.

Tenziil Steale

A former partner of Raptor Squad's own, Koort Ter'chon, Steale is what some might refer to as a "playboy in bounty hunters clothing". REports indicate in his younger years he was far more driven and "hungry", but that now he has focused his energy more on enjoying life and accumulating as much wealth as possible.
After an extensive interview with one of his former partners (who was more than willing to give up all information on Steale), it was revealed that the hunter works directly with an Expediter known as "Diva Rahmsoff" who actively brokers bounty contracts for him-most high-end and very dangerous. Apparently Steale still has the skills and ability to bring in the big bounties, as he's still out there, bringing in acquisitions on a regular basis.


This hunter borders on maniacal, and it's a wonder no one has posted a bounty on her yet. She walks that fine line between hunter/assassin and my intel indicates she is happier shooting first, not so much interested in asking questions later.
Accompanied by a pair of Gank Killers she reportedly "won" in a card game, Fantazm favors big bikes and big guns, preferring to use both to chase down her target and bring them in-alive or dead.