The Kanker Brothers

Definitely falling into the "Scum" category, these two sleaze-mongers operate one of the largest "Alternative Mature Entertainment" empires in the known galaxy. Relying on the vices and desires of billions of beings throughout the Empire and beyond, the Kanker Brothers products cater to every taste and deviancy. Their only relationship to Raptor Squad is that team member Vic Palisades worked for them for a time being, using the connection to rescue his kidnapped sister and bust apart a slave ring operating in the Elrood System. He has since called on them only one other time- to produce and market a holovid starring former Raptor Ket Adkins to draw the madman out from hiding.

Uuric Tuumb

A flunky of Ket Adkins, Uuric Tuumb started off as a low-level henchman, running errands and completing tasks for the madman. It was when he mailed the pelt of Socatoa, a former Raptor, back to the team and failed to cover his tracks adequately that he slipped up. After a lot of credits and time were spent tracking down the henchman, Raptor Squad finally apprehended Tuumb on the plant Elrood, convincing him that it was in his best interest to reveal the location of Adkin's hidden base on Dega. It was during the trip to Dega that anti-intrusion weaponry caused Raptor Squad�s ship the Skullduggery to take damage, resulting in Tuumb's death.

Loc & Trill
Krish Assassins

Loc and Trill were bloodthirsty Krish Assassins the team encountered while infiltrating a luxury cruise liner to apprehend a bounty. Loc was the leader of the team, and proved to be the most deadly and capable.
From intelligence I was able to gather, Raptor Squad eventually prevailed, eliminating the assassins and rescuing their target, but not before the Krish let loose a deadly gas in the system that killed everyone on board the liner.

Further evidence points to a possible organization utilizing a number of Krish assassins and bioweapons. I'm currently have a team tracking down leads to prove or refute this theory.

Border Freize

Border Freize, a mass murderer, courted the death sentence in 12 systems when Raptor Squad encountered him on Ord Mantell during an information gathering mission. The maniac was trying desperately to kill Squad member Chance Mulgrew, presumably to collect the hefty Corporate Sector bounty on the young mans head and to settle a personal score between the two.

Freize was apprehended, but before he could be turned in to the authorities, Mulgrews anger overtook him, and he fired a blaster bolt directly into the back of the serial killers head, thus ending the vile sentients streak of bloodshed.

Chevin Locti

Running Ploovo Two-For-One's operations on Ord Mantell, Locti was a vile and corrupt individual who wormed his way near those he needed, and, once he had used them for all they were worth, would just as quickly discard them like so much trash.
Most famously known for his illegal swoop races he held on Ord Mantell, recent intel has indicated that Locti fell out of favor with Ploovo, who had him killed and replaced by his major domo, a Twi'Lek by the name of Elak Gess'lo. This is one being that will not be missed in the galaxy.

Royyod Coba

The events surrounding this being's entry are hard to grasp and even harder to believe. However, Klux Martin has vouched for the situations surrounding this being, and has been backed up by both Vic and Baal.
Apparently, Coba was a powerful Sith Lord who reigned in the Farzhul System thousands of years ago. Upon his defeat by the Jedi Knights, he was imprisoned in an artifact and buried deep in the caverns on Farzhul. It was a confrontation between Raptor Squad and several Dark Jedi that caused Coba's release. He then inhabited a vessel-a small key made of an unknown mineral- and succeeded in corrupting Chance Mulgrew, who, in a fatal turn of events, revealed Cobas presence to members of Raptor Squad. The end result was the loss of A'sok Thurgood and Chance Mulgrew, both who died when Coba, in his last desperate act of rage, emitted a Force Scream that almost killed the entire team.

The Heart Twins

Employed by Uuric Tuumb as he was trying to build his own criminal empire on the planet Elrood, the Heart Twins are originally from the Core Worlds, though little else is known of their beginnings. Rumors persist both were genetic experiments in new cloning techniques by a rogue Kaminoan, looking to integrate "synchware" into clones, while others insist that both are former slaves who murdered their masters and now work their way through the underworld, killing for hire. The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle, though recent reports indicate they now work for Akelish the Hutt in the Celanon Sector.


Designed to be as ruthless, bloodthirsty and dangerous as their template, Ket Adkins ordered two-dozen of these assassin droids from an outlaw droid tech working in the Corporate Sector on a planet called Blue Xenith. The cost was high, as Adkins had the personality matrix of each patterned on his own deranged mind, but price was no object as he was bankrolled by his employer Akelish The Hutt, and the tech had the droids finished and delivered in record time.
Using them as bodyguards and sentries at his base on Dega, rumors persist Adkins kept a few aside as his own personal assassins- giving them targets or objectives and sending them out on their own throughout the galaxy to further his own nefarious ends.


Raised by Gamorreans, Graunnda is a towering Borneck, a near-human who adopted all of their traits and cultural idiosyncrasies. As a child he was sold into slavery, then as a teenager "acquired" in a game of chance by Akelish the Hutt. His first night of her employ saw him kill three of her guards with his bare hands as they tried to "initiate" the young henchman.
Establishing himself as a ruthless killer with no remorse for any kind of life, Akelish put Graunnda in charge of collections in the lower parts of Outer Veil. Over time, he fought, scrapped and clawed his way to the top of her organization, and became one of her most trusted and prized employees. Graunnda still fancies himself a part of the Gamorrean culture, embracing his upbringing by going so far as to have two small horns grafted to his skull to better emulate his people. As such, he also harbors a strong dislike for his own species, even going out of his way to mistreat any near-humans when the chance arises.
He was on the verge of heading up her operations on Zeltros when an attack on Akelish by Vic Palisades left her scarred. Since Graunnda was tasked with eliminating Palisades and failed, Akelish punished the man by awarding the Zeltros assignment to another employee and charging Graunnda with overseeing her brothels. This loss of face enraged the man who swore to destroy Palisades should the chance ever arise.

Pudge Choom

Among the many ruthless prisoners in Rordak, the female Balosar Pudge Choom certainly isn�t the worst, but she is savvy and smart enough to know that any show of weakness or her part would likely result in a slow painful demise. Realizing she could be on one side- the predators or prey, she choose the former, targeting new inmates to the prison. One of these unfortunate souls happened to be Xander Paddox, who would up having several run-ins with Choom, which eventually culminated in a fight to the death in the prison.