Regardless of what system you use, roleplaying in the Star Wars Universe is just like any other roleplaying game - it's taking part in a story woven by both the players and the GM. Like all good stories, a roleplaying game needs an interesting story line, intriguing characters and internal consistency.
To make a really great story, however, it needs to blend into the world around it, have a sense of realism and a good back story. Since you are reading this, let me tell you, you have found one of those few great stories in Raptor Squad.

With a story line that has spanned nearly five years, the campaign is based in the Rebellion era and focuses on the infamous Alliance Special Ops team Raptor Squad. Inside you'll find a wide range of material that has been used during Raptor Squad's quest to try and oust the Empire; everything from characters to equipment, adventure logs to starships, vehicles to fiction.
Without a doubt there is something here for everyone, whether you want to run your own Raptor Squad campaign or just port across some of the ideas to your own campaign.

Now, sit back and enjoy the story. May its journey never end...

Dean Magill
TORIS Web Master

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