Due to the popularity of its Station Hopper, Grendlecorp began receiving numerous requests from various markets for a wheeled version of the popular vehicle. In most cases these were shipped out to regions where repuslorlift tech was hard to come by or simply impractical due to environmental conditions.
Thanks to its durable design, armored plating and enhanced suspension system, the wheeled hopper began to see use in various border skirmishes on backwater worlds, proving valuable in situations where soldiers needed to move quickly, supplying cover fire for ground teams. Word spread and the military design, designated the AWH for “Armored Wheeled Hopper” began to see mass production, offering an affordable and effective conveyance for militaries who needed reliable and mobile vehicles but didn’t have an enormous budget.
While still in production, the AWH sees extensive use in some militaries who use it to augment their repulsor vehicle corp and in situations where the enemy has set up anti-repulsorlift ordinance to protect certain areas. It has also become a favorite of crime bosses and petty dictators who use the vehicle to patrol their compounds.
Thanks to its extended rear cab, the AWH has the capability to store more equipment, munitions or supplies than the standard station hopper design. This allows unlimited customization to its vehicle weapons systems, allowing the mounting of everything from a heavy repeating blaster to a mini-missile launcher. Some modification even allow for a rear “jump seat” to accommodate up to two additional passengers.

Armored Wheeled Hopper

Craft:Grendelcorp "AWH"
Type:Wheeled Military Vehicle
Length: 4.9 Meters