Another offering by the speeder manufacturer Grendelcorp, the Nightglider is a high-end luxury sport speeder in use throughout the galaxy. The two door coupe model allows for one pilot and one passenger while the convertible model allows for up to three passengers with a retractable canopy.
All models come quipped with a state of the art sound system, supple Corvarian leather interior seats, a Streetsweeper autopilot system and a whisper-quiet engine. For an additional fee holographic ground effects and illuma-decal holo detailing is available. Named Speeder of the year for three straight years in a row, the Nightglider is elegant, timeless and still relatively affordable.


Craft:Grendelcorp Nightglider Repuslor Sedan
Type: Repulsor Vehicle
Length: Varies
Skill:Repulsor Vehicle Operation: Nightglider
Crew: 1 Pilot
Passengers: 1-4
Cargo Capacity: 100 kg
Cover: Full
Cost: New: 16,000 credits ; Used: 9,000 credits
Maneuverability: 2D+2
Move:150, 350kmh
Altitude Range: Ground level- 5 meters
Body Strength:1d+1