*Taken from an ad in "Speeder Trends" Magazine*

In building an airspeeder of extraordinary quality, there can be no compromise.
No compromise, therefore, was allowed in the design of the Slayn & Korpil Opulence XX-50 Luxury Speeder. The objective was to create the galaxy’s finest high-performance civilian airspeeder, and in the opinion of many experts, including “Speeder and Pilot Monthly”, we’ve succeeded.
To begin with, the Opulence XX-50 possesses an enviable performance profile. It’s power source: an F270 Ion Engine that is incredibly smooth and silent, but with enough power to get you where you need to go-fast.
In terms of handling, the Slayn & Korpil is near perfection. Able to manipulate even the most clogged air traffic lanes with ease while sharp turns are handled with such smooth transition that you need not bother worrying if you will spill that five hundred credit glass of champagne.
Matching its uncompromising performance is the quality of the interior. Hand-cut upholstery sets the tone along with an impressively organized easy-to-monitor instrumentation system, lavishly contoured front seats and in the event of any “unpleasantness”, the Opulence’s body and canopy is rated as Grade-7 blaster-resistant.
And on those rare occasions where your driver takes a wrong turn and you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, have no fear, the Guardsman Security System will prevent even the most determined being from intruding on your personal space and spilling that imported tin of Ubuuga Caviar.
And for those concerned, no, Slayn & Korpil didn’t forget the most important aspect of any luxury vehicle: The luggage space. The Opulence XX-50 boasts enough room in its front cargo area to accommodate up to 40kg, plenty of space for a simple shopping trip or a week at the Skyhook.
The performance, the refinement, everything about the Opulence XX-50, definitively, uncompromisingly Slayn & Korpil.

Opulence XX-50 Luxury Airspeeder

Craft:Slayn & Korpil "Opulence" XX-50 Luxury Airspeeder
Type: Airspeeder
Length: 9m
Skill:Repulsor Operation: airspeeder
Crew: 1 Pilot
Passengers: 1-4
Cargo Capacity: 40 kg
Cover: Full
Cost: New: 50,000 credits ; Used: 30,000 credits
Maneuverability: 3D+2
Move:500, 1200kmh
Altitude Range: 100 km
Body Strength:3d+1
Double Laser Cannon (Fire Linked)
Fire Arc : Front
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 2d
Range: 50-300/800/1.5 km
Damage: 3D

GM Notes:
1. The Double Laser Cannons are concealed in the rear quarterpanels.
2. The Opulence is equipped with a security system that requires a VERY DIFFICULT Security Roll to bypass. Rolling a "1" causes the Opulence to discharge a Shock through the door handle (5D STUN Damage)