Manufactured by Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions, the 819-Riot Control Vehicle, aka "The Rumbler" is a heavily armored solution for all of your anti-insurgency needs. Mounted on a tracked wheel system that can withstand direct hits from small arms fire and low-grade explosives, the Rumbler is designed to carry up to six passengers, including one driver. Due to it's size and durability, the Rumbler is capable of carrying a wide variety of ordinance, including medium-scale explosives capable of leveling several city blocks (in the most extreme cases where traditional riot-control methods are ineffective or impractical). Mounted repeating blasters and stun net launchers also come standard on the Rumbler.
Seeing use throughout the galaxy, The Rumbler is traditionally used as a show of force, usually accompanied by up to a squad of armored soldiers or peace officers on planets independent of the Empire or far enough away from the galactic core that Imperial Walkers see little or no use on planet. Coupled with a reasonable price tag and Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions "Century Mark" Warranty, the Rumbler is a reliable addition to any military or peace-keeping force.

Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions 819-Riot Control Vehicle

Craft:Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions "Rumbler"
Type:Riot Control Vehicle
Length: 11.2 Meters