Sacrificing speed for durability, this modified APC is designed to drop troops off behind enemy lines during covert ops. Utilizing sensor baffling technology, the Spectre APC has been modified to not only deposit troops without drawing attention to itself, itís hull has been reinforced so it can stop most small arms fire and even some high caliber weaponry at close range-ensuring those soldiers get to their drop point in one piece!

Spectre APC

Craft: Modified Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions Hardpuncher APC
Type:Modified combat assault vehicle/personnel carrier
Length: 10.7 Meters
Skill:Repulsor Vehicle Operation: Spectre APC
Crew: 2, gunners:1
Skill: Varies Passengers: 12
Cargo Capacity: 480 kg
Cover: Full
Maneuverability: +2
Move:100; 200kmh
Altitude Range: Ground level-3 meters
Body Strength:3d+2
Shields: 1d+1

Passive: 1D
Scan: 2D
Detect: 3D

One Anti-Infantry Blaster Battery
Fire arc: Turret
Crew: 1
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 2d
Range: 50-300/10/15
Atmosphere Range: 1-5/800/1.5km
Damage: 4d+1

Notes: Sensor Baffling: Hull is covered in special coating that masks emissions and signals. Add 2d to sensor operators difficulty to detect the APC.